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Street style – Walinette

May 29, 2012 by  
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I wanted to organize photo shoots based on Mother’s day, with bloggers who were mom as well. Unfortunately I got the idea a bit late.
Wailinette was one of the bloggers I contacted for the project, and even if we couldn’t do some pix together for Mother’s Day, we decided we still could do a street style for her blog. And we did it few days later in Paris! The street style has been extremely quick, even Sonia Fashionbox cannot keep up with the “strike a pose per second” style of Walinette!

Here is a photograph from the express street style, if you want to have a look to the complete serie you can get this on Walinette’s blog.

Thanks Walinette for your availability, I hope we can do another photo shoot together soon!

  • Kari

    Je ne connaissais pas cette blogueuse, son site est très sympa. Merci !

  • Tode

    De rien, il est effectivement bien sympa le blog de Walinette…!