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[Men] Joe, from Comme Un Camion

December 11, 2012 by  
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I am delighted and very proud to launch this new section with Joe, from the website Comme Un Camion . “But what does a man do within Portraits de blogueuses?” you would say. Well, it had been a long time that the idea kept running through my head. My dear Manon was keeping asking me “and when do we do a photo session with some guys?”. And after several years doing portraits of blogueuses, I wanted to know a little bit more about the “man side” of the French blogosphere. Hence the idea of ​​a small section “guest” where we could find from time to time men bloggers.

The first time I saw Joe was at the Courses en Escarpins, from Sarenza, about three years ago. It is also during this event that I met Mrs. Pow Pow. We had more or less kept in touch with Joe since that time, and I immediately thought of him when I decided to release this section called “Men”.

Comme Un Camion was created by Joe about eight years ago. Eight years! I kew the website before meeting Joe, I was (and I’m still) a big fan of the forum, where I was looking for the latest cloths or shoes or suits “à la mode”. I already told you, I am kinda a blogueuse mode
In the mid-2000s, Joe was not showing his pretty face that much on the website. But for some time he does not hesitate to strike a pose for an article. He very kindly agreed to pose for me and we were able, thanks to Isa Shoppeuse En Cavale, to do the photoshoot in a creative concept bar in the very middle of Paris: the Demory From Paris. Before drinking (a lot of) Demory delicious beer, and eating tons of delicious hotdogs, we proceeded to the photoshoot. And it was very nice, Joe is a model that has the habit of posing, it was easy to concatenate the three phases of our session.

Here are some pictures from our photo shoot:

A big thank you to Joe for agreeing to guest pose in PDB, thank you to Isa for hes kindness and hes help, and big up to Demory From Paris!

  • Joe

    Ravi d’avoir pu inaugurer cette rubrique homme ! Merci. Et je vois que tu as tenu à dévoiler le secret de ces délicieux hot-dog : et oui, c’était moi à la cuisine ;-)

  • Tode

    Merci à toi d’avoir bien voulu inaugurer cette toute nouvelle rubrique…!
    Héhé, ils étaient bien bons ces hot-dogs ;-)

  • Knit Spirit

    Très belle série de photos, c’est super sympa de changer un peu les habitudes et de voir un homme ici !

  • Tode

    Merci KS !